Extracting Greatness

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Setting Milestones For Individuals and Companies

Make great waves in your profession, line of business, or personal life with the help of Extracting Greatness. We will equip you with more knowledge and confidence in building a brighter future for yourself and your company.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

We have paved the way toward greater success for many clients and companies in Florida. We encourage you to take the opportunity to have yours, too. Allow us to share the joy of the people and business owners we have worked with.

As General Manager of Big Fun Promotions it was my absolute pleasure to have Mr. Farace come in and work with our sales team and team leaders. Michael's Coaching style was multifaceted and inspiring. His ability to reach each individual employee on a personal level was not only impressive but successful. Big Fun Promotions benefited immensely from his dedicated Coaching style. We happily watched sales soar and confidence levels in our sales staff improve not only at work but in their personal lives as well.”

- Deborah Sloboda, GM Big Fun Promotions

"I have worked with Michael Farace with Extracting Greatness for 4 months. I really had no idea how he was going to help me, simply because I knew everything, have tried everything and was simply doomed. I used to be confident, powerful, positive, and happy. That was a long time ago. I was none of those things anymore and it showed in every interview. I learned several things about myself. Progress will occur, If I continue to apply my intelligence and capabilities. My capabilities needed to be reworked and improved after years of motherhood. I have a purpose and passion that I can now correctively apply to a business. I give up on projects too quickly and I allow that "failure" to take me down. Learning these things and doing nothing with them is not enough. Michael helped me get out of my own way by forcing me to change and redirect my efforts. I am lucky to know what my passion is, some people never find out. Michael showed me how to make it tangible, to make something from nothing, stop with the excuses, the rationalizations, to get my head out of the sand and do what I am meant to do".

- Lisa B.